1MORE Dual Driver Earphones For Arcade Use

When I pop down to Round1 for a bout of rhythm games, I make sure to bring a pair of headphones, so I can hear the music from the Sound Voltex and Groove Coaster machines over the noise from the rest of the venue. Recently, I was able to snag a pair of 1MORE Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones for free as a promo for their rewards program, so I was keen to try them out in the arcade, as my pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50’s are a bit cumbersome and expensive to carry around such a public space.

The model they sent out is an older, gold-colored discontinued model, so parts of my review may no longer hold true to the newer, black-colored model. The packaging is very nice, and the earphones came with a carrying case, a 1MORE sticker, 3 extra sets of ear tips in varying sizes, a manual, what I assume is a mono to stereo converter (no idea since I’m unable to find any info on it), and a 1MORE keychain that I’m not sure comes with the product normally.

The earphones themselves feel of okay quality, though they leave me unsure if they’ll be able to handle someone accidentally tugging the cable at the arcade. The cable it self is roughly around 3-4′, which was too short to use comfortably on the computer, and too short to reach the arcade-installed dac/amp on the IIDX cabinet. However, the cable is perfectly lengthy when using it to listen to music on my phone, or when playing Sound Voltex or Groove Coaster. The ear tips also provide a comfortable fit and do an excellent job of isolating noise, meaning that I can hear my rhythm game over the rest of the arcade

When it comes to the sound quality, the earphones perform as expected for $40 earphones. There’s a section of mid frequencies that the earphones seem to struggle with, and the bass is stronger than it should be. This causes some songs to have awkwardly pronounced bass guitar sections, similar to the way Rock Band pronounces your section when playing bass. However, it’s a very fun noise for songs with strong bass-driven grooves, such as One Better by Les Claypool. For rhythm games that primarily have electronic sound tracks, the frequency response works fine.

For $40 (on Amazon), the performance is reasonable and works well for arcades. They might be lacking in sound, but the portability and low-power requirement means these will be my go-to arcade headphone/earphones, though I might consider getting a small 3.5mm extension for use on IIDX. For everything else though, I’ll be sticking with my ATH-M50’s and my Sennheiser HD6XX.

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