Titanfall 2

The game EA let fall between the marketing cracks. Between BF1 and COD:Whatever we’re on I haven’t paid much attention’s loud shouts, some people haven’t even heard that this game is out yet.

Well it is. And I bought it. Because I liked the first one. And now I’m going to tell you how I feel about this game. But first, let’s remind ourselves of the first game’s shortcomings.

The first game didn’t ship with a campaign. In fact, I don’t really recall it shipping with much of a story at all. To me, it seemed like a whole bunch of “YOU’RE THESE GUYS AND THOSE ARE THE OTHER GUYS THAT AREN’T YOU”, and not much else. It never really gave much context to the seemingly pointless running and gunning that the game did a brilliant job with. Between the lack of a story, and the limited actual content, there was never much motivation to actually make use of the jetpacking, wallrunning, mech titan-fighting mechanics. Pair the mindlessness of the game, along with sometimes-frustrating things such as the smart pistol, and you had a game that wasn’t good for much more than 30 minute rooty-tooty-fests.

But I liked the wallrunning, I liked the go-fasting, and I liked the future sci-fi weapon designs. So I bought the 2nd. And I’m glad I did.

So let’s start off with the single-player. This time, it exists, so that’s a bonus, and in actuality, it’s not half bad. Despite the brevity of the campaign itself, they did some magic with the level design to make different parts of the campaign feel…well…different. Some of the section gimmicks don’t do much, but others end up being a lot of fun.

The campaign also does a little bit to provide some backstory to the whole thing, but not much. However, you may find yourself becoming attached to your robot friend.

As for the gameplay itself, the base mechanics are pretty much the same. Double jump, run on walls, shoot thing, earn your Titanfall®™, rinse repeat, but they have added a few things to help mix things up a bit. There are new weapons, new gadgets, and amps have replaced the burn cards.

These things, however, may not have been enough to generate interest among the community, as the PC playerbase can be found to be as low as 2-4K players on some nights. Turns out releasing a sequel to a game that got luke-warm reception in the same time frame as BF1 and COD with very little marketing may not have been a great idea. At the very least, map packs and new game modes are free content this time around, so the limited playerbase won’t become as segmented as the first game.

Graphically, it looks good, but it’s also nothing to write home about either. There are a few little issues I have, such as film-grain with no option to disable it, but otherwise it’s clean enough and enemy readability is good enough. If your cpu is as aged as my i5-3570, you may need to disable some graphic options to help reduce cpu load.

Overall, I find this to be a great sequel to the first Titanfall. They took the base game, addressed the complaints about it, and improved beyond there. The main issue, however, is the limited playerbase. The lifespan of this game is limited, and therefore might not be worth buying until it’s on sale (which might also mean a surge in players as well).

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